E2 Visa

The history of the E2 visa program started in the 1800s when America had a need for investment and skills to help deal with the demand for economic growth of the country.
Currently there are 78 participating treaty countries for example, United Kingdom, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Japan. Under the treaty investor program, citizens of a treaty country can apply to live and work in America for a specified period. The length of stay varies and will depend upon the expiration date of the visa granted to the individual. Currently, visas normally expire between 2-5 years at a time. Prior to the expiration of the visa, individuals are required to apply to have the visa renewed.
The average number of E2 visas issued per annum is 38,000 and this figure is set to increase as the United States issuance of other immigration visas tighten.
Obtaining an E2 visa can be quite complex. However, as your business broker, we have the resources, experience, knowledge and skills to provide you with what is required for a successful visa approval.

E2 Visa Planning

Once you have agreed your business purchase we would then commence work on your business plan and completion of the required documentation needed for submission to the US Embassy in your respective native country to obtain your E2 visa issuance.

You will be required to attend an interview at the Embassy before your visa is issued.  In preparation for that interview, you will receive two business folders both containing identical documentation.  One folder will need to be submitted to the Embassy prior to your interview date and you will need to take the second folder with you when you attend your interview at the Embassy.  You should ensure that you familiarise yourself with the documentation contained within the folder as this will assist you greatly with the preparation for your interview.

E2 Visa Plan Costs

Depending upon the complexity of the transaction, the cost of preparing the relevant documentation for your E2 application, can vary and range between US dollars $5,000 to $13,000.