Our testimony

In late December 2002, my wheelchair bound mother who lived in South Florida, wanted to go to the beach.  It was quite late in the evening but nevertheless, I did as she asked.  I will never forget that the temperature was 28℃/82℉.  There was a warm breeze and it was on that day I had made my mind up that I wanted to live in Florida. 

So, in January 2015, my partner (now wife) and I, decided to put our properties on the market and make the move to Florida.  By September 2015 both of our properties were sold.  Our personal belongings and possessions were packed and ready for shipping for our new life in Florida.

When we first arrived in Florida in September, we stayed with my sister in Fort Lauderdale.  We were looking for a property of our own to rent and at the same time, we were anxiously looking at business opportunities to obtain our E2 Visa.  If finding a home and looking for a business wasn’t enough, in February 2016, we got married on the beach in Key West.

Along the way, we had looked at several business opportunities, ranging from a golf cart repair business in Ocala, a pool business, a kitchen cabinet business and eventually, the business opportunity we decided upon was a Property Management business for Vacation Rentals.  This business was based in Kissimmee, Central Florida. 

We went through the whole process of due diligence for the business, submitted our E2 Visa application returned to the United Kingdom for our interview at the US Embassy and successfully obtained our E2 Visa in April 2016.  However, it was not until we returned to Florida after receiving our Visa that we discovered that the business our Visa was granted for had fallen through.  But with God on our side, we successfully acquired another Property Management Vacation Rental business in June 2016.

In 2017, we looked at ways in which we could diversify the business.  My wife and I both being in our 50s decided we would go back to for a better word, school.  Going back to the classroom was quite a daunting experience at first but we both managed to successfully get through it.  I qualified as a pool technician.  My wife qualified as a Realtor and I also qualified as a Business Intermediary. 

I can truly say that this really is the land of opportunities if you want it, and we are proof that it is achievable.

With our own personal experience, we know that we are best placed to support and guide you through the whole process of relocating to a foreign country.  With our first-hand experience, knowledge, commitment and determination we will assist you with the transition to successfully make your dreams come true.