Why Florida

Relocating to America

There are many reasons that millions of people choose to relocate to Florida and indeed the United States as a whole. it has long been seen as the “land of opportunity”, and the home of the American Dream offering a diverse culture, an excellent education system and a large, well-developed infrastructure. In addition to this the opportunities for business are huge and the quality of life on offer is everything that a family could need.

Why Florida

Known as the Sunshine state, there are many reasons to move to Florida both from a family and business perspective. We take a look at the kind of lifestyle you can expect from relocating to Florida.

Business advantages of moving to Florida

There are many advantages of moving to Florida from a business perspective. The favourable tax structure, government policies and costs which are extremely competitive, make this the ideal place for business growth and success. The state ranks among the best in the US and offers a very welcoming business climate.

  • Business friendly government – Both the government officials and the economic development leaders work hard to keep the business climate favourable to businesses of all sizes from the smallest business to the nation’s leading corporations. Florida is a right to work state.
  • Competitive business costs – While many states are competitive and high-tech, Florida offers something different. Everything is more affordable in Florida when compared to other popular areas like California. There are also incentive programmes for specific industries or specialized locations.
  • Good business tax structure – There are many tax advantages to living and working in Florida. There is no state personal income tax for starters. These tax breaks allow businesses to thrive and employees to benefit.
  • Choice of workforce – There is a huge pool of talent to choose from with Florida being the home of the 3rd largest workforce in the US. In 2015 this figure stood at 9.7 million workers with 267,500 of these being high-tech workers. There are also many with advanced qualifications.

Family advantages and quality of life

As well as offering a good work-life balance, the state also offers an extremely affordable cost of living as well as many other advantages

  • Weather – Known as the Sunshine State, if its sunshine you are looking for then you won’t be disappointed with average highs of 81 degrees F (27° C), and average lows of 60 degrees F (16° C).
  • Education – As a whole, the US is home to 80% of the world’s best universities. Florida is committed to offering a good education system with high standards for small class sizes and regular testing. There are also a number of reputable colleges and universities in addition to technical institutions, community and state colleges. Interestingly all residents of the Sunshine State live within 50 miles of a higher education establishment.
  • Cost of Living – When it comes to the cost of living in Florida, it is one of the most affordable and sought-after places to live. Florida’s cost of living is lower than that in other states that have the same sort of economic growth and immigration rates. The government strives to keep a taxes low, providing modern amenities and good public services.
  • Arts and Culture – There is so much to see and do in Florida including international festivals, art exhibitions, well-known entertainers, traveling shows, professional musicians, dance troupes and so much more.
  • Recreation -  if you love golf then you are going to love Florida. In total, there are over 1,300 golf courses. That gives you plenty of opportunity to combine business with pleasure or escape everyday life. There are many beautiful beaches, shopping malls, lakes and regional parks and much more. In fact, there is something for everyone.
  • Tourism – For years, Florida has been a very popular tourist hotspot with visitors from around the world. Whether it’s the world-famous Disney Resorts, the gorgeous beaches, the Everglades or simply the beautiful weather, it is one of the top global tourist spots. Of course, this brings with it its own set of business opportunities.

Florida offers so many advantages for the perfect work-life balance. If you are moving with family you will find something for everyone and if you are looking for the perfect business opportunity then Florida has all the answers.